Wettest spring on the east coast in 100 years replaced abruptly by a heat wave.

After just purchasing from a street vendor my third $4 umbrella in a month (I tend to lose them), today we wore shorts to the Penn Station K-Mart to buy a window air conditioner—only 6,000 BTUs, but the biggest that would fit through the opening in our window bars (evidently created custom by a former tenant with a hacksaw). On the way home, as we took turns carrying the heavy box, a guy on the street, who was transporting his groceries in a shopping cart, mocked us: “Har har har! You coulda yoozed won-ah these! Har har har!”

The window bars precluded a tight installation, but Sandy rigged some custom insulation around the edges—between the unit and the window frame—using towels, oversized ziploc freezer bags, and duct tape. Ten hours later, I can rise from my chair without hearing the sound of skin being ripped from plastic.

With the rain gone, more photos to come.

Subway 4 & Rain

June 26, 2003
Chelsea, Manhattan, New York
Subway, New York